Sunday, May 16, 2010

Chilean Lodges take innovative step in combatting spread of aquatic pests

The Patagonian BaseCamp Lodge and The Temple Camp have purchased safe wading boots for the use of all their guests from Korkers in the USA. No need to travel with bulky boots is a bonus!

It seems we are hit at every turn these days with alarming news about some new aquatic threat to our favorite streams and rivers. New Zealand mud snails, didymo, whirling disease…the onslaught seems relentless, and the potential for destruction dire. We are told repeatedly that the only practical method to control the spread of these invaders into our waters is prevention. Simply stated, if you must wear waders and wading shoes from potentially contaminated fisheries into non-affected waters, rather extreme cleaning techniques are mandatory. Especially dangerous are felt-soled wading boots, as the porous soles provide convenient nooks and crannies in which these offenders can hide, and even live in for extended periods of time. Those still-damp boots in your garage from a fishing trip last week may harbor live threats, ready and waiting to explode into a new and susceptible environment. One need look no further than some of the great New Zealand trout streams which have been devastated by didymo, to comprehend the damage possible in such a pristine and prized angler destination as Patagonia.

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